Chocolate Health Benefits

Chocolate is so much more healthy than many people realize. has reported new research which shows that chocolate consumption may favorably increase metabolism. So you might actually be able to lose weight by eating chocolate! Isn’t that a wonderful thought! Large European chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has been given the green light in Europe to label chocolate as good for the heart. It’s not just dark chocolate. The Journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research reports through their study that white chocolate consumption enhanced cardiovascular health. There are 8 times more antioxidants in dark chocolate than in strawberries. Much of the fat found in chocolate is beneficial and does not produce bad cholesterol. Overall consuming dark chocolate has the following benefits:
great taste
gives a feeling of pleasure through increased endorphin production
acts as an antidepressant through the serotonin it contains
is a stimulant by the theobromine and caffeine it has

At this time of year when you are cutting back on rich foods you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying the pleasure of eating fine chocolate. Bon Appétit

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